WE BELIEVE………. The bible is God’s Word written by men divinely inspired, and that in all matters of faith it is the supreme authority (2nd Timothy 3:16, 17).God the father is the perfect holiness and justice infinite wisdom, and measureless power. We believe that he concerns himself mercifully in the affairs of men, that he hears; and answers prayers, and that he saves from sin and death all who Come to him through Jesus Christ. In Jesus Christ as God’s only begotten son, who was born of the Virgin Mary and who was sinless in remission for the sins of the whole world? We believe that he arose from the dead. That he ascended into heaven, and that he is now interceding for his people, and that he will personally return to receive his own. In the person and work of the Holy Spirit, who came to convict the world of sin, of righteousness, and judgment to regenerate, sanctify, and comfort those who believe in Jesus Christ, that all men by nature and by choice are sinners and that God sent his son to save men from sin? With Jesus all men must be born again.