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As we are approaching
the last days very quickly. It is vitally important as Christians that our
focus remain on God. Whatever you consider the most ( ponder, study, meditate )
you will become sensitive to and dominated by , and what you fail to consider you
will become harden to Many Christians are being tempted to return to the world
and sin in these last days because they fail to consider the word of God daily
by meditating on it. They are considering the things on secular TV, what ungodly family and friends are saying, and they
are considering the circumstances they are in. You must set the terms in your
life and determined what you will allow to enter in.You can't be tempted with
something you don't think about. All temptation starts with a thought.
Temptation comes through your thoughts. It's what you think about the most.
It’s not just one day you wake up and your involved in an adulterous affair, pornography,
addictions, depression, but you went there first in your thoughts. You watched
things on TV that said it's ok, you listen to things contrary to the word, and
it planted a seed in your heart. Don’t let your mind go where you don't want to
go in your body. Where the mind goes the man will follow. Ultimately you’re the
one who will determined whether your heart will be harden toward God or Harden
toward the devil. Sin hardens your heart toward God. God doesn't love you any
more or any less when you sin. His love is unconditionally but what happens is
your heart becomes harden t ( unyielding and insensitive) toward him .in closing
sin will take you father than you want to go, keep you longer than you want to
stay and cost you more than you want to pay. Sin opens the door to the devil.
saints of God let's remain focus on God's word and meditate on the word day and
night. Joshua 1:8 so our hearts want become harden toward God.

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Fred & Rhonda Harris